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Firm confidence grasp the implementation of riveting full drive and then start Longjiang Installation Group second five workers' congress held

Article source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Release date: 2023-03-29 Visits: 1561

On March 29, the fifth Workers' Congress of the second session of Heilongjiang Construction and Installation Group was held in Huaqi Hotel。Sun Guochen, Secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and general manager of the Group, attended the meeting and made a speech. Li Yadong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the trade union of the Group, presided over the meeting。Members of the group leadership team took their seats on the rostrum。209 employee representatives and 263 non-voting representatives from the group and various ownership enterprises attended the conference。

At 8:30 a.m,The General Assembly first held the preparatory meeting of the fifth Congress of the second session of the Group,Listened to the "Conference preparation Report" made by Wang Na, deputy director of the Trade Union Office of the Group,Listened to the Group Party Committee Organization Department minister, Party Committee office director Manyuanyuan made the "Representative qualification Review Report",Deliberated and voted on the issues and agenda of the Congress。

At 9 o 'clock, the conference officially kicked off with the sound of the magnificent "National Anthem"。

The meeting heard, deliberated and adopted the work report entitled "Keeping Right innovation 踔厉 Striving to the goal of 10 billion revenue" made by Hu Yuetao, deputy general manager of the group;Listened to the Group director, chief accountant Wang Yanqiu made the Group 2022 Business Public Report;Cui Rong, member of the Party Committee of the Group and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, made the "Employee Proposal Answer Report",And announced the recognition decision of advanced collective and advanced individual in 2021-2022;Li Changshan, member of the Party Committee and chief engineer of the group, informed the performance assessment results of the ownership company and various departments of the organs,Read out the special contribution award documents, the 2022 annual innovation and excellence award documents and the redundancy clearance reward and punishment documents;Li Xueru, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the group, issued the economic and technical indicators of each ownership company in 2023。

Sun Guochen signed the responsibility letter of main business objectives and the responsibility letter of scientific and technological innovation in 2023 with the ownership companies。

At the meeting, members of the group leadership team awarded prizes to the collectives and individuals who were commended。

Sun Guochen pointed out in his speech,This meeting is a very important conference held at the critical moment of fully implementing the spirit of the Party's 20 Major Congress and sprinting to the group's second 10 billion goal,It's a summing-up meeting,It is also a deployment meeting to carry forward the past,It is also a mobilization meeting to unify thinking, strengthen confidence, clear direction and encourage morale。In 2022, the Group completed the goal of signing 10 billion new contracts, which is a breakthrough in the history of the group。At the same time we feel excited, we must also clearly realize that the contract amount of 10 billion is only the starting point, and the revenue of 10 billion is the goal。To achieve this goal, the group must self-pressure, take the initiative to move forward。We must understand the situation clearly and have the confidence to complete the "three goals"。Deeply study the series of systems and plans issued by the state, take advantage of the reconstruction of the "double cycle" system, focus on expanding domestic demand, focus on the development of hot areas such as modern energy system construction, information infrastructure construction, new urbanization construction, digital industrialization construction, dual-carbon economy construction, new infrastructure development, and expand the market。All ownership enterprises should raise their political position,With the political attitude that must be accomplished, the political determination to accomplish it, and the political courage to move forward,Evaluate the situation correctly,Actively resolve the key issues affecting the operation of enterprises,Focus on the key points to accelerate economic recovery in the post-pandemic era,Do not miss any market opportunity,Ensure the stable development of enterprises,Ensure the achievement of business objectives。We must do real work and have a firm determination to complete the "eight tasks"。The group work report will summarize this year's work into eight key tasks, clear goals, appropriate measures, after the meeting, the group should seriously learn to understand, understand the spirit of the essence, combined with their own enterprise reality, department reality, benchmarking table, and strive to adjust the work objectives to the specific requirements of the "eight tasks"。The ownership enterprises and departments of the organs should deeply understand and attach great importance to the "eight tasks", catch, grasp and achieve the "eight tasks", really condenze the efforts of employees to the work content of the "eight tasks", and integrate the production factors, resource channels and management focus into the mission of the "eight tasks"。Turning the blueprints outlined in the report into reality, turning "renderings" into "real pictures"。The leading cadres at all levels of the group should earnestly perform their duties and responsibilities, and truly implement the resolutions and tasks of the General Assembly by establishing a guarantee mechanism to strengthen the execution force and tracking the effectiveness, so that everything is managed by someone, everything has its place, everyone has responsibility, and items have results。The two levels of organs should cooperate, share and build together, strengthen the horizontal linkage of departments, streamline the management process, improve the implementation efficiency, seek results with hard work, promote implementation with pragmatism, and firmly resolve to complete the "eight tasks" goal。We must focus on key issues and have the perseverance to solve development problems。With the word "dare" as the first, the word "dry" as important, the word "real" as important, and the word "constant" inscribed on my heart。Dare to be the first, face up to difficulties, and wade out of the new path of enterprise development;Without distractions, work hard to solve the problems of innovation and development;Down to earth, grasp the key, do the work solid;Persevere, do not forget the original intention, continue to promote the reform and development of enterprises, and lead the majority of cadres and employees of the group to embark on the road of happiness of high-quality development。

Sun Guochen stressed that we should base on "10 billion" and spare no effort to expand the market scale。It is necessary to identify the target and operate the provincial market regionally。The market development of each ownership company should be purposeful,Grasp their own market advantages to carry out business activities,Exploring "Regionalization of ownership companies",Establish long-term good cooperative relations with counties and cities in the province,Use its own qualifications and local people, materials, machinery and other resources,Maintain a stable and continuous operating state,Open up another "going out" business path。We should make a breakthrough to the south and expand the market outside the province。The regional layout of the provincial market is the "going out, going in, drilling in" that the group has been advocating.,Deepen south,Projecting west,In the more economically developed areas and the development potential of the southwest region, South China,Continue to pay attention to local government investment plans, national debt plans and the spirit of the local government economic work conference,Look for opportunities to capture new markets。In the development of the market outside the province, the business department should continue to play a role, lead the five regional companies to accelerate the pace of regionalization, give play to the advantages of localization, the business line and production line should be interconnected and mutual assistance, do a good job in the "secondary development" and "continuous development" of projects outside the province, maximize the use of superior resources, and expand the market。Full participation is required to achieve new breakthroughs in market development。In order to gather the consensus that market development is the priority of group development, companies can study reward methods, and reward employees who have made outstanding contributions to market development from both political treatment and economic treatment, especially employees in non-market departments。It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, improve the awareness of full participation in market development, and implement full participation in market development。The market development department of the group and the ownership enterprise shall cooperate with each other, cooperate with each other and share information,Relying on the Group's existing resources,Integrate social resources,Concentrate manpower and resources,Public relations attack,Develop target market,Form a group company to take overall responsibility,Market development department comprehensive coordination,The ownership company is the pioneer,Full participation in the market development pattern,Broaden information channels,Extensive collection of information inside and outside the province,Strive to achieve new breakthroughs in market development。

Sun Guominister required intensive cultivation, practicing internal skills, and improving management efficiency。To improve management efficiency, to scientific management to benefit。Pay close attention to the seriousness and execution of basic management, and simultaneously promote the improvement of compliance systems and process inspection and assessment。We must adhere to principles, observe rules, put an end to adulteration, put an end to violations, and earnestly implement various systems。The headquarters of the group should clarify its responsibility positioning of "leading, serving and supervising", forge its own business capabilities and management capabilities, and serve the lower units well。To improve the management process, to optimize the process to benefit。Strengthen the construction of work style, constantly improve the quality of service, optimize the work process, avoid duplication of work and reduce efficiency, put an end to the bureaucratic style of "implementing documents by documents", remove the dogmatic thinking of self-imposed limits and drawing the land as a cell, and actively, legally and reasonably promote the implementation of work。Strengthen the horizontal linkage between departments and vertical interoperability between lines, and gradually form a complete set of management systems with formed management and control models, reasonable organizational structure, smooth mechanism operation, and equal information and data, so as to further improve work efficiency。It is necessary to strengthen cost control and seek benefits from fine management。Each ownership enterprise should do a good job in cost forecasting, detailed cost analysis, and real cost control。The Group Cost Control center should do a good job in the overall planning of cost management, with the implementation of the "Long An Group Cost Control Rules" as the first priority. All departments should cooperate with each other on cost management, continuously improve various systems, and do a good job in supervision and implementation。The "first leader" of each ownership enterprise should establish a sense of responsibility, jump out of the traditional thinking set, jump out of the self-limiting rules and regulations, jump out of the thinking state of coping with problems, carefully comb out the experience and shortcomings of cost control, and do a good job in the overall command of the unit cost control。The deputy in charge of the team should break the inertia of thinking, break the thought, break the dependence on psychology, and actively act to ensure the orderly progress of various works。The two-level cost control department should take the initiative to plan, improve its ability, guide it forward, face the problem, actively compare the standard to the advanced table in the industry, actively solve various problems in promoting cost control, scientific and accurate regulation, and ensure that the cost management work is continued and effective。It is necessary to enhance risk awareness and enhance the ability to prevent and defuse risks。Risk prevention and safety are related to the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, the vital interests of employees and even their lives. The group should pay attention to financing risks, subcontracting risks, contract risks, production safety risks and public opinion risks and make full efforts。In project management, the work should be done in detail, master the initiative, and actively resolve disputes and solve them in a standardized manner。It is necessary to effectively enhance legal awareness and legal affairs capabilities, strictly comply with the signing of contracts, establish compliance implementation rules for key areas, carefully study and implement, and constantly strengthen enterprise risk management to escort the high-quality development of enterprises。

Sun Guochen stressed that it is necessary to highlight highlights, create brands, and fully promote the standardization process。All ownership enterprises should take standardization construction as a key work to grasp, in accordance with the group's work requirements, solid progress。We should change our ideas and raise our awareness。Further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, constantly improve the group's standardized management system, continue to implement various systems, and implement standardized management。Keep an eye on the project and push it forward。Continue to strengthen the implementation of standardization in accordance with the four revised standardized atlas prepared by the Group。External display of the group's good and trustworthy corporate image, polishing Longjiang installation of gold signboard。Internally, strengthen project management with standardization, based on system and process, take forms and manuals as the carrier, and closely integrate with each management link to ensure project quality, improve construction quality, and improve management level and management efficiency。To sum up successful experience, optimize management。By summing up the successful experience and practices of project management, we can continuously enrich and innovate project management methods, reduce management costs, effectively avoid common quality problems and safety dead corners in the construction process, and reduce risks。All ownership enterprises and departments should strengthen supervision and guidance, gradually push the standardization work to a new height, and select projects that have done well, hold on-site observation parties, and promote successful experiences and practices。

Finally, Sun Guochen said that the goal has been clear, the clarion has been blown, the group should be closely united together, with one heart and one mind, full of energy, with the confidence to win, high morale, solid style of unswerving management promotion to the end, in order to achieve the second billion goal and strive。

The general assembly considers that,The work report realistically summarizes the Group's work in 2022,A comprehensive and detailed deployment of 2023 group reform, operation and management and other key work,The report has clear objectives, detailed tasks, effective measures and prominent focuses,It embodies a deep understanding of the work requirements of the Party Central Committee's decision-making and deployment, the provincial Party Committee, the provincial SASAC Party Committee, and the Party Committee of the Construction and Investment Group,It reflects a clear understanding of the situation facing the group's reform and development,It reflects the accurate grasp of the future development direction of the group,It embodies the confidence and determination to emancipate the mind, deepen reform, and promote high-quality development。

Assembly call,The majority of cadres and employees of the group are under the correct leadership of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the provincial SASAC Party Committee, the Construction and Investment Group Party Committee and the Group Party Committee,To build "ten billion dragon safety" as the goal,Adhere to the core values of "holding one to forever, far from frontiers",Carry forward the enterprise purpose of "integrity, innovation, openness and win-win",In the spirit of reform, in the state of struggle,Start a new journey,Break new ground,Effectively transform the spirit of the meeting into 踔厉 a powerful driving force for hard work and forge ahead,Gather together to achieve the strategic goal of "ten billion dragon on" and promote the group's high-quality development!

The conference ended successfully with the majestic sound of the Internationale。